Introduction to USPSFCL

What is USPSFCL?


USPSFCL (United States Postal Service Federal Contract Licenses) are important security clearances required for transporting mail and cargo on behalf of the US Postal Service. Obtaining USPS Federal Contract Licenses shows that a company meets strict standards and requirements set by the USPS.

The history of USPSFCL


USPSFCL were introduced in 2006 to enhance the security and safety of shipping mail and packages for the USPS. Following the 9/11 attacks, the Postal Service established new regulations to better control and monitor its supply chain. USPS Federal Contract Licenses ensures that any company handling US mail meets all security protocols.

Why is USPSFCL important?


There are two main types of USPSFCL – highway transportation contracts and air transportation contracts. Highway contracts involve trucking and surface transportation of USPS cargo. Air contracts are for airlines and freight carriers shipping mail and packages by air. USPS Federal Contract Licenses are required for any company contracted to transport US mail.

Who is USPSFCL for?


For shipping and logistics companies, holding USPSFCL licenses allows them to bid on lucrative USPS contracts for transporting mail and packages. Obtaining these clearances provides access to an important revenue stream in the transportation industry.

Understanding USPSFCL Requirements

What are the USPSFCL requirements?


The application process and requirements for securing USPS Federal Contract Licenses can be rigorous and complex.

To apply, companies must submit detailed information and documentation to the USPS Transportation Security Group. This includes extensive background checks, safety/security protocols, compliance history, employee screening practices, etc.

Applicants must pass a comprehensive background check of their company and all employees. Any history of criminal activity, customs violations, or transportation infractions can be disqualifying.

What are the different types of USPSFCL?


There are minimum financial and compliance standards companies must meet. This includes designated liability insurance coverage and compliance with federal regulations like HAZMAT rules.

Once a company is approved, they must maintain their clearance by passing regular audits and site inspections from USPS security teams. USPS Federal Contract Licenses holders undergo screening every 1-2 years.

What are the benefits of having USPSFCL?


The benefits of holding USPS Federal Contract Licenses are clear for transportation companies – it allows them to tap into the lucrative market of transporting US Mail and opens the door to Postal Service contracts. The stringent security requirements also demonstrate a carrier’s trustworthiness to potential clients.

Preparing for the USPSFCL Exam

What is the USPSFCL exam?


Companies seeking USPSFCL must pass a mandatory exam covering Postal regulations, safety protocols, security requirements, and transportation/logistics. Proper preparation is key to succeeding on the USPS Federal Contract Licenses test:

The exam covers a range of topics including HAZMAT training, cargo security, USPS transportation procedures, workplace safety, compliance requirements, and more.

How to prepare for USPSFCL exam


USPS provides study materials and a content outline for the test. Candidates should thoroughly review all provided resources to understand what will be covered.

Additional study materials include USPS transportation handbooks, federal regulations for transportation, HAZMAT training manuals, and security/safety protocols.

Mock exams can help candidates practice test-taking strategies and identify knowledge gaps for further study.

What are the topics covered in USPSFCL exam?


Focus areas to understand include safety procedures, identifying/reporting security risks, protocols for handoffs to USPS, and processes for transporting specific mail classes.

What are the best study materials for USPSFCL exam?


With diligent preparation using the resources supplied by USPS and additional transportation materials, companies can pass the USPS Federal Contract Licenses exam and achieve this important postal service clearance.

Tips for Passing the USPSFCL Exam

Here are some key strategies for successfully passing the USPS Federal Contract Licenses certification exam:

How to manage time during USPSFCL exam


Carefully manage exam time by pacing yourself appropriately on questions. Don’t get stuck on one question.

What are the common mistakes to avoid during USPSFCL exam?


Read each question thoroughly and eliminate wrong answers to narrow down to the right selection. Don’t rush and make careless mistakes.

How to stay calm and focused during USPSFCL exam?


Remain calm and focused when answering questions. Getting anxious can hurt test performance. Take deep breaths to stay relaxed.

What are the best strategies for answering USPSFCL exam questions?


Watch for double negatives, absolutes like “never” or “always”, and trick phrasing in the question wording.

If unsure on a question, flag it to come back to later. Use process of elimination and make an educated guess.

Make sure you understand the regulations and requirements specific to different mail classes and cargo types.

Don’t overthink questions. Trust your knowledge but don’t make assumptions beyond what the test covers.

With practice exams and a solid understanding of the material, carriers can earn USPS Federal Contract Licenses certification on their first try. This credential provides a major advantage for winning postal service contracts.


Earning USPSFCL represents an important milestone for transportation companies looking to work with the United States Postal Service. By meeting the USPS’ strict security and compliance requirements, USPS Federal Contract Licenses holders become approved to handle shipment of US Mail and packages.

Companies seeking USPS Federal Contract Licenses must pass background checks, facility inspections, safety protocols, and certification exams to demonstrate adherence to Postal Service standards. Proper preparation using USPS-provided resources is key to passing the USPSFCL test. This credential enables carriers to gain access to an essential revenue stream and prove their reputation to other clients. As the shipping and logistics landscape evolves, USPS Federal Contract Licenses will continue to represent a mark of trust and reliability.


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