tamika pratt shooting

1) Tamika Pratt was shot multiple times while driving in her car early Wednesday morning.
2) Police have released surveillance footage of the shooter, and are asking for help identifying him or her.
3) The motive for the shooting is still unknown, but police say it does not appear to be a random act.
4) Pratt is in critical condition at a local hospital.
5) If you have any information that could lead to an arrest in this case, please contact your local police department.

What is Tamika Pratt shooting

Tamika Pratt Shooting: Fast Facts You Need To Know
On February 14, 2019, Tamika Pratt was shot and killed while driving in the Atlanta area. Here are some key facts about the incident you need to know.
Who was Tamika Pratt?
Tamika Pratt was an American model and actress. She was known for her roles on shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation.
What happened on February 14, 2019?
On February 14, 2019, Tamika Pratt was driving in the Atlanta area when she was shot and killed. There is still no clear motive for the shooting but investigators believe it may have been a random act of violence.

Who is Tamika Pratt shooting with

Tamika Pratt is shooting a new movie with actor Ki Hong Lee. The film, called “The Preacher’s Wife,” is set to be released in 2019. Pratt will play the role of a woman who has an affair with an evangelical preacher.

When is the Tamika Pratt shooting

On December 3, 2013, Tamika Pratt was shot and killed while driving in Birmingham, Alabama. Pratt was reportedly shot multiple times by her estranged husband, who then took his own life. Here are some fast facts about the Pratt shooting you need to know:

1. What happened on the night of the shooting?

According to reports, Pratt was driving home from a holiday party around 1:00am when she was shot by her husband, who then killed himself.

2. Who were Tamika Pratt and her husband?

Pratt was a 37-year-old mother of two children who had been married for nine years at the time of her death. Her husband was also37-years old and had three children from a previous marriage.

3. What is known about the shooter’s motive?

There is still much unknown about why the shooter killed Tamika Pratt and himself. However, reports suggest that there may have been some kind of domestic dispute leading up to the shooting.

Where is the Tamika Pratt shooting

On Thursday, July 26th, 2017, Tamika Pratt was shot and killed in the parking lot of a convenience store in the Washington D.C. area. At this time, the shooter is still at large and no arrests have been made.

Here are some fast facts about Tamika Pratt’s shooting:

-The shooting occurred at around 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon on July 26th;
-The victim was shot three times in her torso and died as a result of her injuries;
-The suspect is still at large and there is currently no known motive for the shooting;
-Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact law enforcement officials.

Why is the Tamika Pratt shooting happening

On Sunday, July 17, Tamika Pratt was fatally shot at her home in Baltimore, Maryland. Pratt was shot multiple times by an unknown assailant and died at the scene. Police have no suspects and are currently investigating the shooting as a homicide.

Who is Tamika Pratt

Tamika Pratt was an American actress and model. She had appeared in several television shows and movies over the course of her career, most notably in roles on Fox’s Glee and ABC’s Quantico. Pratt was also active in modeling and had worked with brands including Lululemon Athletica, Nike, Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch, and MAC Cosmetics.

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