alesco induction heater

In the world of heavy maintenance, efficiency, and safety are paramount. Engineers need tools that can get the job done quickly, and reliably, and pose no risk to themselves or the environment. Alesco induction heaters are revolutionizing heavy maintenance by offering a cleaner, faster, and safer alternative to traditional heating methods like torches

How do induction heaters work?

Induction heating uses the principles of electromagnetism to directly heat a metal object. An alternating current of high frequency flows through the coil of the induction heater, creating a magnetic field. When this magnetic field interacts with a metal object embedded in the coil, it induces an electric current in the metal itself. This induced current exposes the metal to the magnetic field, generating heat.

Advantages of Alesco Induction Heaters for heavy maintenance:

For heavy-duty storage applications, induction heating has several advantages over traditional heating methods


Rapid heating:

Induction heaters deliver heat directly to the metal, eliminating the need to heat the surrounding air. This provides faster and more targeted heating compared to lamps. For example, Alesco’s ACE12 model boasts 12kW of power, making it ideal for even the most demanding heavy-duty applications.

Improved safety:

Induction heating eliminates dormant flames associated with lamps, greatly reducing the risk of burns and fire. This makes it ideal for use in confined spaces or areas with flammable materials. Additionally, an Alesco heater with overheat protection and leak warning is built-in to ensure safe operation.

Precise control:

Induction heating provides precise control of the heating system. Engineers can adjust the input voltage and heating time to achieve the desired temperature without overheating the metal. This leads to damage to the infrastructure and the surrounding environment.

Clean and environmentally friendly: Induction heating is a clean and environmentally friendly process. It produces no harmful fumes or heat, making it safer for workers and the environment.

Portability and Versatility:

Alesco Induction Heaters are compact and lightweight, making them highly portable for use in maintenance programs. The ACE12 model, for example, weighs only 19 kg and has a 6-meter hose, making it easy to move around the plant. In addition, Alesco heaters are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, e.g.

Leave off the nuts, bolts, and bearings.

Alesco induction heaters used in heavy maintenance:

Here are some specific examples of how Alesco Induction Heaters can be used in a variety of load maintenance situations:

Design and manufacturing:

Induction heaters can be used to quickly and safely heat metal parts for welding, brazing, or soldering. It can also be used to remove seized threads or to loosen tight fasteners.

Mining and Oil and Gas:

Induction heaters are ideal for preheating pipe fittings prior to welding or maintenance procedures. It can be use to repair frozen pipes or remove salvaged parts from equipment.


Induction heaters can be use for a variety of applications in auto repair shops and heavy equipment repair shops. This includes removing salvaged nuts and bolts from engine, gearbox and suspension components, as well as heating the frame and chassis prior to welding preparation

Power generation:

Induction heaters can be use to maintain work in electrical equipment, such as turbines or generators that have been preheat prior to scheduled maintenance.

Choosing the right Alesco Induction Heater:

Alesco offers a variety of induction heater models to suit different requirements and applications. ACE12 is a popular choice for heavy maintenance due to its high capacity and portability. But Alesco also offers compact models for lightweight or space-constrained applications.

Choosing the right Alesco Induction Heater depends on many factors, such as the type of metal to be use, the heating depth require, and portability requirements and it is recommend that you consult directly with Alesco to see drawings the most suitable for your specific needs.

By adding Alesco Induction Heaters to their toolbox, those performing heavy maintenance can achieve significant increases in productivity, safety, and overall productivity.

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