The Six Nations Cup is not just about supporting the team. It is also about the pride that needs to be defended in this important tournament.

If you’re a rugby player, you’re probably just waiting for the 2023 Six Nations Cup to kick off. Rugby may not be the most popular sport in the world. However, that also doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a strong base of fanatical followers who are avidly supporting his national team.

The Six Nations Cup is not just about supporting the team. It is also about the pride that needs to be defended in this important tournament. Keeping this in mind, the entire tournament is always full of excitement, fun, and a mixture of different emotions depending on the outcome of each match.

In the age of modern technology, people will use the online world to make things more attractive and interesting. This is why many people will not try to bet on the team they support as well as predict the outcome of other matches. You can find many interesting sports betting sites at mybettingsite and analyze the odds for each match and possibly predict who will win the tournament.

The question is – who has the greatest chance of winning Of course, it’s not that easy to answer correctly. In the world of sports, especially in major tournaments like this, miracles and surprises are always possible. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t have an answer. Based on our research, we’ve compiled a list of favorites.

We do not want to say that our predictions will be 100% accurate. However, we have taken into account sports betting odds, form of each national team, opinions of sports experts etc. Because of this, we strongly recommend you check out what we’ve got for you and form your own opinion based on that. Let’s analyze.

  • Biggest Favourite England

  • Wales

  • Ireland

  • Scotland

  • Conclusion

Biggest Favourite England

There are many reasons why we believe that England is the main favorite to reach the finals and win the tournament. Before everything, it is worth mentioning that they have made some significant changes.

In 2023, they no longer have the same coach. Steve Borthwick has gotten the opportunity to become a head coach and confirm to the rugby fans why he is one of the best coaches in the world.

Also, the defense and attack coaches are no longer the same either. Nick Evans will be responsible for the better attacks while Kevin Sinifield is hired as defense coach by the management of the national team.

Every change, including the major ones like changing to coach, can be pretty refreshing for the team. But, the changes in the team won’t stop there as Steve, and his assistants decided to make five changes. They would maybe make them more, but that are the rules they need to respect.

Also, we have heard the news about the approach coaches will have to injured players and those that were previously discarded. They may not give up on them as some other coaches are doing. For instance, Dan Cole and Ben Earl are once again invited to the training after being discarded. That only tells us that flexibility will be more present in the national team of England.


Based on our opinion and research, we believe that Wales and England are going to be the biggest competitors for winning the trophy. Just like England, Wales got a new coach which, in our opinion, is the best possible thing that could happen.

We do not want to neglect that Wayne Pivac also had many successes with the national team of Wales. But, we can’t also neglect the performance Wales had in the Autumn Nations Series. No one believed that with the same coach Wales could do anything at this event.

Anyway, Warren Gatland is their new coach, and he has the goal to change and fix everything that was missing in the previous team. Something we know for now is that mister Gatland decided to replace the defense and attacking coaches of the team.

Unfortunately, we still do not know who will formally be their replacement, but we are pretty sure the coach will find the best possible solutions.

If you are a regular follower of rugby, then you know that Wales was pretty bad in the last Six Nations Cup. But, we do believe that Warren has enough energy and knowledge to change things upside down and help Wales reach the title.


Many of you will probably disagree with our opinion because Ireland is considered to be the best rugby team in the world. Without any doubt, they have managed to win almost everything. We do not want to neglect their Triple Crown.

Plus, Josh van der Flier was also announced as the best rugby player of the year. When you read all of these facts, you can only conclude they are the biggest favorites to win the trophy.

But, all the successes team had in the past are not adequately describing the current situation in the team. First and foremost, we must not forget that the fitness of some of the key players currently isn’t the best. We must highlight that Sexton is not in the best form because of the cheekbone injury he had.

Also, Robbie Henshaw suffered a wrist injury, and he is still in the recovery process. Without key players, they can’t be considered the main favorites. But, we also do not want to neglect the experience that Andy Farrell has. He has proven that miracles are possible.


When your coach is Gregor Townsand, and Stuart Hogg is part of your team, then you can be sure you are one of the favorites.

Unfortunately, based on our analyses, the team is not in the top 3. Generally, they do have an amazing team. It is worth mentioning that Rufus McLean, Cameron Redpath, and Jack Dempsey are definitely players that can make an impact on the court.

We will see if they have enough energy and passion to show why they are considered to be the most perspective players in the rugby world. But, will they be enough We are yet to see it.


When you look closer, online bookmakers and sports experts give the biggest chances to national teams from the island. Currently, Italy and France are not considered favorites.

Although, both teams have a lot of young and talented players, especially when we talk about Italy. We are sure they are the future of the rugby world.

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