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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the most important concepts that businesses can adopt in order to build a positive image and create long-term relationships with their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. 2016 was a big year for CSR – we saw some huge successes from 16 brands. Read on to find out how they did it!

What Corporate Social Responsibility is

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important part of many companies marketing strategies. It refers to the actions a company takes to improve the lives of people who are affected by its operations.

There are several different types of CSR activities. Some companies focus on environmental and social issues, while others focus on providing health care or education to employees.

Some of the best-known corporate social responsibility successes include Nike’s donation of shoes and clothes to victims of natural disasters, Google’s work to provide internet access in rural areas, and Starbucks’ support of affordable housing initiatives.

Companies that do well in CSR often have a strong sense of community and are committed to ethical values. They understand that their customers and employees are their most important assets. By taking these steps, companies can build long-term relationships with their customers and employees, which is crucial for success in today’s marketplace.

The Different Types of CSR

There are a number of different types of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Some companies focus on environmental or social initiatives, while others focus on employee engagement or community involvement.

One of the most important factors in successful CSR is the clarity of mission and values. Companies must be clear about what they stand for and why their initiatives are important. They also need to develop a strategy for how they will measure success and achieve their goals.

It is also important to create a culture of CSR within the company. This means creating an environment where employees feel comfortable taking part in and sharing their ideas about CSR. Employees who feel responsible for their company’s social and environmental impacts are more likely to take action and advocate for change.

All in all, CSR is an important part of sustainable business practice. It can help companies build loyalty among their customers and employees, while also helping to improve the communities in which they operate.

How to Do CSR Correctly

One of the most important things that a company can do to improve its reputation is to do corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is the practice of taking action to improve the welfare of people and the environment around them.

There are a number of things that companies need to do in order to do CSR successfully. First, they must have a clear vision of how they want to improve the lives of their customers and employees. They also need to have a plan for how they will achieve their goals. Finally, they need to be transparent about their progress and results.

Many brands are doing CSR successfully. Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Walmart are just a few examples. By following these tips, any company can learn how to do CSR correctly and achieve positive results.

What Makes a Good Corporate Social Responsibility Program

A good corporate social responsibility program should have a clear purpose and focus. It should also be effective in achieving its goals.

Some of the factors that make a good corporate social responsibility program are effective communication and engagement with employees, stakeholders, and the public. Programs that involve volunteers and community members are also usually more successful than those that rely only on company personnel.

A good corporate social responsibility program should be well-planned and sustainable. It should be able to adapt as changes in the environment occur. Furthermore, it should be affordable and achievable for companies to implement.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is quickly becoming a must-have for any business looking to stay competitive in today’s market. Not only are consumers more demanding than ever, but businesses that take a social stance also tend to have better relationships with their employees and customers. Having a successful CSR program can not only improve your reputation within the community, but it can also lead to increased revenue and market share. In this article, we spotlight 16 brands that are doing CSR well and why you should consider following their example. Thanks for reading!

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